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                    I am recommending you a collection of symbols for concentration, meditation and relaxation. In the present world full of chaos and negative vibrations you lose a lot of energy to come back to the state of harmony with universe, God, nature, people and only yourself. These symbols enable you to come back to the state of pleasure, peace and harmony quickly while minimizing loss of energy and time.

This symbol came into existence on the grounds of deepened studies of medicine, esoteric, parapsychology, cabbala, philosophy, religion, meditation and spiritual practice. These lines were studied by experts and found acknowlegment in many countries.

*A man is a cosmobiological being and he was always , will be and is in the unity with universe and nature.

*Humanity occupies a specific section between land (chaos) and cosmos (order).

*An aim of humanity is to improve every individuality and make matter spiritual.

*A way the man is on should make him perfect in love.

*Love is God . God is the supreme harmony and the supreme creator.

*God is Light , the Light is in us .

The man aims at God , and improves his knowledge in three spheres : physical (social), spiritual (mental) and psychic (reason - wisdom – truth). Harmony in these three spheres gives a possibility of revealing abilities which are stored in people`s minds by both nature and the creator (God), so that the man could realize himself in another one.

Now a few words how this symbol functions :

There is an old notion of “ mantra ” (the word manas means in the translation - reason, tra - purgation). Mantra is a vibration, which is always combined with a notion of energy, an energetic - informative field and with a movement. There are a lot of mantras (vows), which purged our reason of negative (destructive) vibrations and make a change of consciousness possible . (more accurate see mantra- yoga, philosophy of the east etc.)

There is also a notion of “ jantra ” , which is a graphic reflection of mantra. Jantra disposes our subconsciousness for percepting a specific spectrum of a vibration and energy, which get an organism out of the state of energetic chaos. At work with jantra a technique of concentration is used. This concentration keeps an object in sight (without ideas) within the time of five seconds up to five minutes. Concentration on the object for a longer time than five minutes changes automatically for meditation. Meditation is knowingly evoked state of a changed mind. Meditation has always its aim. The aim is harmony and perfection.

Concentrating on symbols enables to clean the mind from negative - destructive vibrations and helps to bring the whole organism back to the state of energetic harmony, and in organism consequentially evokes biochemical and hormonal stability - the result of which is physical health. The result of physical health is a joy of life which brings into energetic, mental and spiritual stability - it creates conditions for development. ( There is a healthy spirit in a healthy body ). Meditation on symbols gives the man an occasion to solve mental and spiritual conflicts - in concert with the principle that if there is a problem then solve it , but if you cannot , then throw it away. The deepened meditation gives an occasion to amplify the central neural system and the mental aspect of individuality to a maximum. The result is a conscious cooperation of the consciousness and the subconscious and a conscious regulation of some processes in the organism. The aim is the self - recognition, harmony with nature, universe, God, a teacher, the upper world... (Recognize yourself and you will recognize the whole universe).

The subconscious, which accepts the vibration of symbols, harmonizes actively:

The first five elements ( fire, earth, metal, water, wood ), which are related to five organs in our body ( fire - heart, earth - spleen, metal - lungs, water - kidney, wood - liver, precisely the u-sin ( pentagram ), dzan-fu and cchi, east medicine, acupuncture ... )

The four elements ( fire, earth, air, water )

Seven energetic centres ( chakra ) and organs, energetic lines and meridians cohered with them ( precisely chakra - yoga, kundalini - yoga, bioenergy correction, etc... )

Energetic potentials of brain hemispheres - precisely the jin-jang theory ( mental relaxation, clinical psychiatry ...)

The central neural system ( meditation and neural system )

Immunity system ( immunology and the east medicine )

Organs with the internal secretion, biochemistry and energetic informative field

etc ...

The symbols amplify:

A defensive system of an organism against destructive energetic - informative influences of the external world

An ability to perceive energy ( the gain of perceptive abilities of individuality )

A mental creative aspect of individuality

An ability to receive information


Universality of the symbol lies in the possibility of using them by both the advanced and beginners in concentration, meditation regardless of the attachment to the age, sex, race and nationality, a religion position and the direction of spiritual development. The symbol harmonizes all energetic structures of the organism without any negative side effects. The colour background helps to harmonize functions and energetic potentials of chakra and organs, systems, meridians and channels associated with them.

It is very helpful and effective for relaxation and easy concentration to put symbols in sight above the level of eyes ( horizon ). A round prismatic symbol is universal for children and senior people (it is possibble to place it single for instance in the children`s room or in the bedroom...). A black and white symbol is universally available for both young and middle aged people. Senior people can direct their faces southwards while working with the symbols. This strengthens activity of symbols. Others can practise these techniques directing their faces northwards or eastwards. For an intensive perception of energy and vibrations of specific quality it is better to practise these techniques according to this scheme Monday corresponds with East, Wednesday with South, Friday with West and Sunday - North.

Take the symbol, which corresponds with a weekday ( Mon - Monday – East ( E ) , Tue - Tuesday – South-East, ... ). Light concentration is adequate within the time of three up to five minutes. The light concentration follows a scheme according to which we practise from Monday to Friday. On Saturday we use besides the Saturday symbol ( Sat ) also the symbol placed in the North ( N ) and North-East ( ® ), which means Jin and round prismatic - Jang. Sunday is the day for taking a rest. From Monday we begin a new cycle. Positive results steadily appear after 21 days. It is good to use a symbol like an amulet ( talisman ). The use of a black and white variation of the symbol enables the people, who have been practising these meditation techniques longer , to realize more than 101 meditative techniques.


Peace, joy, harmony for You

W ith trust, hope and love

Sergiy Karyakin


P.S. Many hearty thanks to a Teacher, teachers and all people who participated in creating conditions for the origin, testing and realization of the symbol


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